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I was born and raised in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts: my parents were not from there, they met in San Francisco in the ‘60ies. They liked poetry...

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Desde que Larisa Kingston Mann comienza a hablar, es poco probable que puedas dejar de prestar atención. Esta doctora en Jurisprudencia y Política Social por la Universidad de Berkeley en California y residente en Brooklyn, Nueva York, es además especialista en etnología musical...

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Christian Payne of the Documentally series interviewed me while I was in Graz, Austria for the Elevate Festival. Below is an audio file, with a big smiley picture of me in the park in Graz!

The Elevate festival also did a brief interview with me, especially on the topic of "Creative Response" which was the festival's theme.



It’s different depending on what you define as success. I benefited from staying underground in specific subcultures with different pressures from the mainstream. In terms of technical skills, I think you do have to be tough, and define your style the way you want it. My style is to put musical communication first and everything else in service of that...

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I was interviewed for the Cultural Technologies podcast by Dr. Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan, an assistant professor (Wissenchaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at the Institut für Kulturwissenschaft at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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I was interviewed by Patrick Reilly, the founder of the The Intellectual Property Society, a donor supported membership organization working to increase public awareness of, and participation in, the evolution of intellectual property rights and emerging technologies.



I used to watch those “Cool Jobs" shorts on the Discovery Channel and was always disappointed when all the jobs were boring compared to DJ Ripley’s. By night she is a bass music luminary...