DJ Ripley

 Ripey knows that music exists because it crosses borders, literally and figuratively. Physical borders: eardrums, walls, and legal borders: nations, zones, neighborhoods, the walls of your apartment vibrating as a car drives by. Some borders are precious, sheltering our histories, communities and bodies, others need to be disrupted and rattled. Ripley uses music to highlight the beauty of interconnecting global stories and rock them into your body on the dancefloor. Ripley plays music from cities where immigrants and wanderers bring their sounds from home and mix them with big bass: you’ll hear azonto, cumbia, jersey club, kuduro, afrobeats, baile funk, changa tuki, bhangra, dembow, jungle, 3bal guarachero, soca, dancehall, footwork, grime, gqom, balkan beats, uzbek pop, electro cha3abi, dub, footwork, kwaito, juke and more rubbing up against each other in her sets. Dj Ripley mixes music to highlight difference rather than sameness. Pulling out familiar songs and sounds from people’s childhood or community, layering them with foreign, distant sounds to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.  Her dancefloors celebrate people’s experiences across race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. She has been playing her ferociously adventurous blend of global street bass sounds since 1995, across 23 countries on 4 continents.

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